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ONEFORTHEROADTOM wins at Fakenham - see news report


The main gallop at Seaborough is located half a mile from Manor Farm and is a 5 furlong, Martin Collins ‘Ecotrack’ all weather gallop. This surface has proved invaluable over the last few seasons due to our increasingly unpredictable weather and has allowed us to continue to exercise the horses regardless of the conditions.

With its gradually increasing incline and sweeping bends from left to right the gallop lends itself perfectly to building up core fitness, whilst also allowing us to do the horses’ fast work in final preparation for their races.

To complement the all weather gallop we also have a 6 furlong round grass gallop which we use as a nursery for the young horses. This is a vital learning curve for the unraced horses before they make their debuts on the racecourse.


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